How it Works

4 min

1. Find a Dress

Enter your details in the virtual fitting room and select your event date.

2. Find Your Size

Choose a dress from the options available in your size on your event date.

8 min
10 min

3. Book and enjoy!

Use our virtual calendar to book your dress. Your dress will arrive a minimum of two days before the event date you select. Return the dress the day after your event or on the ship back date in the same box with the prepaid UPS label enclosed. Dry cleaning and shipping is on us.

Need a dress last minute?

Contact if your event date is less than 8 days away.

12 min

Member Benefits

– 20% OFF ALL Dress rentals
– Access to exclusive limited edition designer gowns
– $30 a month/Spend it or save it
– Private selection of dresses not viewable by public

The $30 a month builds up in your account and never expires. If you’ve been a member for 3 months, you will have $90 in your account. Want to rent a dress that costs more? Just pay the difference at checkout.

As a thank you for your loyalty, members will also have a chance to win special gift giveaways. You cancel your membership anytime after three months. A 'deactivate' option will appear under 'your subscription' in 'my account'.

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